• Comfort FAQ.

    Who benefits from wearing the Fastener Free Bra?

    Women who want a more comfortable bra.

    Also, many women with a variety of challenges including; arthritis, limb movement difficulties, sensitive skin, post operative discomfort, difficulties resulting from strokes, find this bra more comfortable and easier to use.

    It has also proven useful to women who require a stretch bra for nursing home patients, use as a sleep bra and for women of all ages who just want a comfortable bra.

    What level of support does it give?

    The Fastener Free Bra gives reflex support through its stretch material and design ie. wide shoulder straps, full back support and centre shaper, it does not provide the same support that a bra with hooks and under-wire construction does. It is designed to provide ease of use and comfort and moderate support.

    What are the key benefits of a Fastener Free Bra?

    Easy to get on and off, overhead or step through. Comfortable to wear.

    How can I put this Bra on?

    Step through or overhead. When placing overhead we recommend placing one arm in at a time then slipping overhead. If you have arm movement difficulties then you can step through the bra, slide it up and slip one arm through at a time as as you slip the shoulder straps on your shoulders..

    Are the straps adjustable?

    No. The inherent stretch in the garment accommodates the differences within a size. This avoids the use of 'adjusters' which can be uncomfortable against the skin.

    What is different about the Fastener Free Bra?

    Most bras support at the expense of comfort.

    The Fastener Free Bra offers support and comfort.

  • Ordering FAQ.

    How Do I Order?

    Go to our simple checkout  here.

    Refund Protection.

    If the Hook Free Bra is not everything you expected, you are welcome to return it within 14 days of receiving it, and we will refund the purchase price. 

    What is 'Size Swap'.

    If you selected the wrong size, send it back and we will send you a new size. 


    Shipping is free...to most countries and takes between 3 and 14 days after your bra is safely dispatched. 

    *Includes: USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and many other countries. We will contact you if your country is not included, or you can check by contacting our friendly support crew.

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